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Ignoring the fact that Aljana and I always talk about something stupid... This is our new story.
Suddenly, when we were sitting in subway and eating our baguettes *-*, Aljana started to speak English and so I did the same.

Aljana:"Do you know what I don't understand?"

Me:"Huh? Eh... no?"

A:"We can choose between 'Die Klassiker' and 'Warm Subs'..."

M:"Jep. How nice you noticed. XD"

A:"But that means you only get warm baguettes by buying one of the 'Warm Subs' but you can warm up the others as well. ôO"

M:"XDDD Yeah, but maybe they think it's funny?*g*"

A:"I don't find it very funny."

M:"So what if they are making fun of _us_?!"

A:"Noo~ That would be mean. ôO You really think so?"

M:"Of course! They want to confuse us. ò.O When someone wants to have one of the 'Klassiker', they'll sell it, run into the back room and laugh their hell outta 'em."

A:"So that's why the woman from before ran into the other room... ôO And every morning they look at the menu and laugh before they open the door."

M:"Jep. And they think 'Hahaaa, stupid people! They want to have a warm baguette but they'll get one of the 'Klassiker'!'
I'm tellin' you, they're crazy! They probably count the people who were stupid enough to believe they'd get a warm baguette!"

Both:"*Watching the subway-bastards, rofl*"

And what do we learn from it? If you ever wanna eat in subway and expect a warm baguette you'd better choose one of the 'Warm Subs'! XD

If there's a Hell... I'll see you there.
5.12.06 19:43

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Potts / Website (6.12.06 16:50)
soo viel ausländisch.... naja soll mir egal sein ich hab noch nie bei subways gegessen und hab da auch keinen drang nach^^

(10.12.06 23:14)
*sich vom stuhl kicher*

[cOunT ROFL]

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